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Clase 4: Git, Jupyter and Code


What is open science? & Why reproducibility is important in science?

Video of the Class

Objetivos o Material de la Clase

  • Trabajo sobre JupyterHub
  • Repositorios ejercicios & tareas
  • Repaso a de los estudiantes sobre:
  • Short intro to the Unix Terminal
  • Why use version control?
  • Solo use of version control
  • Publishing your code to GitHub and GitLab
  • Collaborating with others through Git
  • Forks, Pull/Merge Requests and the GitHub Flow

  • Branching (Optional)
  • Rebasing and Merging (Optional)
  • Debugging with GitBisect (Optional)

Some more research Data

  • Interacting with the internet: streaming
  • Notebooks review
  • JSON and YAML (Optional)
  • API (Optional)

Testing your code

  • Example code
  • Why test?
  • Unit testing and regression testing
  • Negative testing
  • Mocking (prototipado)
  • Debugging
  • Continuous Integration (Optional)