Diego Milanés has been working on High Energy Physics since 2004, at first in the BaBar experiment at SLAC and since 2010 in the LHCb experiment at CERN. He is full time professor at the Physics Department of Universidad Nacional de Colombia since 2014.
Diego is a PhD from Universitat de Valencia (Spain) in 2010, where he worked on D0 mixing in the BaBar experiment. After that he had two postdoctoral positions, the first in INFN Sezione di Bari (2010-2012, Italy) focusing his work on heavy mesons spectroscopy at LHCb and the later at LPNHE (2012-2014, France) where he worked in rare B decays and b to s transitions in LHCb.
At present he leads the LHCb group at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, with interest in heavy baryon spectroscopy, D Dalitz plot analyses and Bc physics.