Principal Investigator of the KM3NeT collaboration in Ecuador and LASF4RI Preparatory Group member and Neutrino Working Group Convener. Former collaborator of large-scale particle and radiation detection infrastructures in Western Europe and North America: NEXT, RD51, ANTARES, MINERvA. External Advisor on Nuclear and Radiological Affairs for the Andean Region: IAN-R1 Research Nuclear Reactor and the Secretary for Control and Nuclear Applications SCAN. Professor / Researcher in Subatomic Physics.

Top-200 engineers in Europe in Energy and Engineering 2012 by Careers International, Brussels, Belgium. Active member of the Spanish Nuclear Society (SNE), Nuclear Youth (JJNN) and Spanish Society of Radiological Protection (SEPR).

Areas of interest: Experimental Particle Physics (Neutrino Physics, Astrophysics and Multimessenger Astronomy) and Applied Nuclear Physics (Nuclear Security and Safeguards systems).