Our policies

The LA-CoNGA physics has agreed to promote the pursuit of excellence by introducing new practices within an open science and diverse environment. Our guidelines promote permanent discussion and dialogue to build a community of scientists in accordance with the high demands concerning the production of knowledge.

Code of Conduct

Those who are part of our community are united by a commitment to study, teach and do scientific research, with the highest professional and personal standards. Our standards seek to foster positive, open, safe and professional learning environments.

- Strict professional and personal ethical standards.

- Appreciation of the educational and formative function of LA-CoNGA physics.

- Responsibility and honesty throughout the learning process.

- Respectful, polite and thoughtful behavior towards all members of the community.

- Use of friendly and inclusive language.

- Respect for different viewpoints and experiences.

- Respect for the privacy and safety of others.

- Willingness to graciously accept constructive criticism.

- The ability to prioritize what is best for the community.

- Respect for the codes of conduct of our partner universities.

We rely on a committee to discuss and make decisions in the event of a code of conduct breach.

Diversity plan

We have a diversity plan focused on promoting equal opportunities, recognizing the cultural richness  of the countries that are part of the consortium, avoiding discrimination and devising actions to support vulnerable minorities in accessing scientific knowledge. We promote gender equality and the appreciation of diversity — religious, sexual, ideological, cultural, socioeconomic — in the people potentially involved with our activities.

Open Education Policy

Open access to our contents is an obligation that bonds all the members of LA-CoNGA physics. Our project follows the FAIR principles for scientific data management (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable). In this sense, we are committed to release most of the content generated in our experience for its use, reuse and distribution in interoperable and secure environments. This is not an easy task, because the number of resources generated is heterogeneous, but our data management plan serves as a guide to define licenses for the use and distribution of the material associated with LA-CoNGA physics.