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LA-CoNGA Physics Platform

LA-CoNGA Physics activities are supported and/or developed through a set of tools which form the LA-CoNGA Physics platform. The services supported by the platform are listed below.

Mattermost Communication Service

LA-CoNGA Physics internal communications are made with the Mattermost communications service. This is a messaging service focused on communication management for workgroups. A service of this type makes it possible to organize communications in a collaborative work environment.

LA-CoNGA Physcis has two workspaces in this service which are listed below.

Below you will find a video tutorial for the use of this service.

A more detailed guide for its use can be consulted at Mattermost User’s Guide.

GitLab service

The Gitlab service is a Git-based collaborative software development and version control web tool. In the context of LA-CoNGA Physics is one of the fundamental tools, it manages from the web service with the contents of the classes, to the tasks performed by the students. The service is available at and uses the GitLab software.

A detailed guide to using the Gitlab service can be found at Get started with GitLab. Regarding the use of git, the book Pro Git written by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub and published by Apress is an excellent guide and can be consulted for free at

JupyterHUB Computing Service

The JupyterHUB service is a multi-user interactive computing web service. This service offers computational capabilities from a browser to the LA-CoNGA Physics community. Through Jupyter Notebooks users can interactively, execute code in various programming languages and document the process simultaneously. Currently the service has support to programming with Python, R and pyRoot.

The official documentation for the use of Jupyter Notebooks can be found at The Jupyter Notebook Docs

LA-CoNGA Physics LCMS service

The material for the LA-CoNGA Physics module classes is created and preserved by an LCMS-like service (Learning Content Management Service) called LA_CoNGA Physics Courses. This service uses the framework MkDocs to build a web page. The creation and editing of the educational content for the classes is done collaboratively from the LA-CoNGA Courses repository and hosted in the GitLab service. The resulting web page can be viewed in

Below you will find a video tutorial for the use of this service.

LA-CoNGA Physics website

The official website of LA-CoNGA Physics is built with the Wordpress content management system and is available on On this website you will find the description of the inter-institutional alliance called LA-CoNGA Physics.

Templates LA-CoNGA

Available templates for LA-CoNGA content creation: